Cherry Blossom Symposium

Site Tour

The CBS2012 organizing committee is offering an exciting tour program which is designed to give participants an authentic Korean experience, bringing visitors face to face with Korea’s natural beauty, abundant historical sites and modern amenities. Conference participants are encouraged to take the opportunity to explore the real Korea through the various experiences offered by the tour program. The tour is approximately 4 hours. For the Tour, Participants will have a total of two return visits which are to Changdeokgung and Biwon. We will first visit Changdeokgung which is the main palace of the Yi dynasty and then secondly listen to the secret story of Biwon. The excursion is scheduled for Wed, April 11. We will make sure that all of the participants will have a good time during the tour.

Course Hotel – Biwon – Changdeokgung – Bukchon Hanok Village – Gahoe Museum - Hotel
(April 11)
Hotel to Changdeokgung
Bukchon Hanok Village / Gahoe Museum
To hotel