Plenary Lectures

To be informed


Session Topic Presentation Titles / Speakers
1. Guidelines for implementation of laboratory automation system 1. What are laboratory automation and its benefits?
2. Current Situation and Forward Perspective of Automation (Transportation)
    in Philippine
3. Implementation of pre-analytical management system
4. Implementation of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) conveyer 
    technology for a high volume U.S. reference laboratory
2. Integration of LAS with information technology 1. Laboratory middleware applications and real-time dashboards
2. Defining & reporting critical values
3. Biobank/sample repository using laboratory automation system
4. Automated reflexive testing with TLA system
3. TLA strategies in various clinical laboratories 1. Laboratory automation system in tertiary care hospital
2. The strategy of effective clinical lab work using TLA at Bumrungrad Hospital
3. Laboratory automation system in reference (commercial) laboratory
4. Guidelines for microscopy review of hematology autoanalyzer in a
    Chinese Large Scale Hospital 
4. New era of automation in other fields of laboratory:  blood bank, microbiology and molecular diagnostic testings 1. Automated immunohematology systems for blood typing in hospital blood bank
    (microbead based) → Automated immunohematology systems in hospital
    blood banks
2. Laboratory automation system in microbiology
3. Laboratory automation system in molecular diagnostic testing
5. Automation in the fields of mass spectrometry 1. Automation of clinical laboratory instrument based on mass spectrometry
2. Automated high throughput mass spectrometric analysis of PCR
     products – applications of PLEX-ID in clinical research
3. To be updated
4. Recent advances of biomarker discovery in serum by using mass spectrometry 
6. Guidelines for clinical laboratory automation.
1. Managing and validating laboratory information systems  
2. ISO aspects in laboratory automation
3. Guidelines for accreditation of automated laboratory in Korea 

Industry Workshops

There will be three industrial workshops during the conference.
The detailed program will be informed by February, 2012.